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Nutrient Use Efficiency (NUE)

Tnue customises fertiliser delivery solutions to achieve optimal Nutrient Use Efficiency (NUE).

NUE is achieved through the manufacture of Control Release Membrane (CRM) and the application of the CRM to the fertiliser granule. Precision blending with other fertiliser ensures the complete fertiliser nutrients are available in line with plant demand.

The CRM technology considers environmental and operational factors when matching the nutrient release in line with the plant’s requirement for optimal growth. By improving the efficiency of the nutrients, an important reduction of greenhouse emissions and nitrate leaching is achieved.

The company has specific expertise in extensive farming and horticultural environments.

As Seen in Newsroom 

Publicly-owned green bank backs innovative low emissions fertiliser factory

by Jonathan Milne, for Newsroom,

June 2022


Backers reveal plans for a new fertiliser, to be produced in New Zealand, that should significantly reduce nitrous oxide greenhouse gas emissions 

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As Seen on Farm2050 

Maximising the efficiency of nutrients through novel technology 

by Farm2050,

November 2022


Introducing Tnue, a company which has a total focus on maximising the efficiency of nutrients through a novel Control Release Membrane (CRM) technology, developed for fertiliser and in particular Urea.

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